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The Knife Hand Co. and Ryan McBeth have teamed up to bring you the all new 'Inaction Figures'!

Featuring zero moving parts and no accessories, these stationary figurines are sure to impress with their intricate details! Using the power of photo scanning, we were able to capture Ryan's exact likeness and proportions and bring them to life using cutting edge resin 3D printers!


In addition to getting and awesome, incredibly detailed resin model, each Inaction figure will include a custom made, first edition 'ThinkTank' Inaction Card kept securely in a protective, two part magnetic card holder!    

Keep scrolling and get your Ryan McBeth Inaction Figure today!



'The Running Man'

ThinkTank runs towards danger in style. And by style we mean in a bathrobe and sweatpants with a bottle of booze in hand and a half burnt cigar dangling out of his mouth. Kind of like an Irish terminator minus the steroids and terrible 80's haircut. (Why are we making so many Arnold references with this one?) But he does wield that M240B one handed like a boss so that's gotta' count for something.


'Film Day'

Somebody get Sir David Attenborough and cue the dramatic music! Here we see a Ryan McBeth in his natural habitat. Having been only the 4th ever person to join the infantry without an ASVAB waiver, McBeth is known for imparting his decades of military knowledge and wisdom to keep people apprised of the going-on's of this increasingly complex world of disinformation, political divide and foreign wars! Here he can be found taking these matters very seriously like a true professional; in his bathrobe, with a cigar and strong drink talking to the internet through his cell phone.    





Ryan McBeth Keychain

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'That Ryan McBeth sure is a cool guy. I wish I had his life-like disembodied head to hang from my keys or my bag and stuff!' ? Well if you have, I have great news for you and also you are never invited to my house!


McBeth Croc Charm

It is estimated that over 30% of the U.S. population is currently suffering from acute BCS (Boring Croc Syndrome). Signs BCS include:

  • Crocs without Ryan McBeth's Smiling Face

  • An overwhelming desire to see Ryan McBeth's face on your Crocs.

  • Intense and sudden urges to learn about disinformation and the Russia/Ukraine conflict

  • Intense feelings of wanting to serve your country and to study cybersecurity

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from BCS. 

Ask your doctor if the McBeth Croc Charm is right for you.




McBeth Inaction Figures Combo

One McBeth isn't enough? You want both? Little obsessed aren't we? It's fine, we get it. He is devilishly handsome. Just don't be too weird about it and we won't say anything. 


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