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The Greatest Tool in the NCO Arsenal!

Tiny Knife Hand Keychains

The Original Knife Hand Knife

Life Size Clobberin' Knife Hand

Small but terrifyingly powerful. A true pocketful of danger. Use with care. Never point at small dogs or senior citizens.   

This will cut you, your enemies and claim rejection letters from the VA. Legitimately sharp and also awesome.

Not safe for public use. Is capable of locking up an O-4 in Parade Rest. Illegal in 36 countries. 


Do You Know What's Cooler than a mini-gun?

Nothing. But check out these neat shirts!

Meet the Owner of
 The Knife Hand Co. 

Hi there! My name is Nick and I am the owner and sole employee of the Knife Hand Co. I am also a Dad, a husband and an E-5 in the North Dakota Army National Guard!


Almost everything that I sell on this store, I make in my own little shop! I started this whole thing on accident when I created the Knife Hand as a joke and started showing it off to people at work. Next thing I knew, I had a whole stack of orders and I had caught the attention of big YouTube celebrities like Ryan McBeth and AngryCops!

My goal is this: Create awesome, high quality stuff for Veterans, Service Members and people who just generally think America and our military is awesome!

Times are tough so I want you to know that I genuinely appreciate you trading your hard earned dollar for one of my products! Your support means the world to me and my family! 


Thank you! 


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Welcome to the Knife Hand Club!

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